It takes time to get to know the city of project spaces. The imminent demolition of a building, a contested urban space, or the need to create places for communal regeneration away from institutional expectations move artists and independent curators in Berlin to find new ways and forms of coming together in their diverse communities. The Project Space Festival takes its time and invites you for one month to the 31 events of project spaces and -initiatives of the independent scene of visual arts. Places where important free spaces for a diverse, artistic and curatorial practice come into being. Places that evolve from deviations and differences, from experimental extensions and overlaps, or from the rupture with the existing public space.

Jury 2022

Anna Bromley (artist and writer)
Amelie Jakubek (organizer / (collective) artistic researcher)
Imke Kannegießer (artistic director & executive director Kunstverein Reutlingen)
Zoë Claire Miller (artist)
Max Pitegoff (artist)


Artistic direction : Heiko Pfreundt & Lisa Susanne Schorm (Kreuzberg Pavillon)
Public Relations : Wayra Schuebel
Graphic Design : Erin Mitchell
Website : Kathryn Lawrence
Photography : Joe Clark, Piotr Pietrus, Paula G. Vidal
Finances: Michael Fesca
Videographer : Lay Lay Image Productions (Elma Riza)


Project Space Festival 22
Naunyn Street 53
10999 Berlin
info@projectspacefestival-berlin.com (general inquiries | Heiko Pfreundt, Lisa Schorm)
press@projectspacefestival-berlin.com (press inquiries | Wayra Schuebel)


Marie Graftieaux & Nora Mayr & Lauren Reid (insitu collective)

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