Ruderal Practices
21.AUGUST 15:00 - 22:00
with: Jérémie Le Hénaff, Tom Mayer, Paula Löffler, Frida Zack
1. Project spaces as alternative support structures for emerging artists |
with Jakob Wirth
2. The Third Landscape | with Marina Resende
curated by: Maria Paula Maldonado & Sarah Godfrey
Papierstraße. 11
13409, Berlin-Reinickendorf 

Make-Up is a self-organised project space and Verein based on Papierstraße 11. 

The former joinery workshop on Papierstraße now houses atelier spaces for artists and researchers, a sound studio, an event space, a wood workshop, an outside kitchen with a wood-fired oven, a courtyard with a garden and a stage, a rooftop with a sauna pod, a terrace, and a warm kitchen that brings us all together. Everything in this space was gradually built by Make-Up’s current members and extended network, based on our interest, energy, and needs. More than a venue, we strive to be an accessible platform for other independent initiatives and projects who struggle to find space or venue opportunities in Berlin. 

The former joinery workshop is rented from Kryolan, the professional make-up factory next door, whose business lends our space its name and whose willingness grants us a temporary space for action. Like many project spaces, we have found an affordable but precarious niche to work in, a classical “Zwischennutzung” before our landlords change their plans for Papierstraße 11. 

Ruderal ecologies is a term, coined by German ecologists after the Second World War, that refers to ecologies that spontaneously inhabit disturbed environments: the spaces alongside train tracks or roads, wastelands, or rubble. The plants that grow there are often viewed as undesired or unwelcome, and must respond flexibly to the availability of changing resources.

In response to the theme and provocations for the 2022 Project Space Festival, we intend to consider our own ruderal practices as a project space occupying an impermanent location outside the ring. Whilst it is possible to define ourselves geographically and politically against centralised cultural institutions and interests, it feels more urgent to explore how we inhabit, survive and grow structures away from a system that does not see us.

Using our impermanent, decentralised and ‘in-between’ location on the Wedding and Reinickendorf border as the inspiration for this festival, we will offer 2 workshops run by members of the project space that will take place alongside an accompanying exhibition and open house.

Photo Credit: Make-Up