Sangt Hipolyt
Paradise Sweat Licking Lungs (The Bellermann Hypnotist Vol. 4)
3.AUGUST 18:00 - 21:00
with: Mahsa Saloor
curated by: Anne Fellner & Burkhard Beschow
Sangt Hipolyt
Bellermannstr. 79/80
13357 Berlin-Wedding

The artist-run space Sangt Hipolyt was founded in April 2018 by Burkhard Beschow in Berlin-Wedding. During exhibitions, the shop and its display window are open to the public. Its program consists primarily of solo presentations by international artists. Sangt Hipolyt is a practice-oriented, dynamic space for art, which asserts itself independently of commercial and institutional contexts, while supporting artists as much as possible.

"Paradise Sweat Licking Lungs" is Mahsa Saloor's first solo exhibition in Berlin. In her work, she investigates themes of relationality, mysticism, mythology and nature. The presentation is the fourth edition of the exhibition series "The Bellermann Hypnotist,” curated by Anne Fellner, which invites artists to exhibit their work in a stage-like setting and develop an accompanying audio work.

Notes on Accessibility and infection control

Low-key accessible exhibition with pictures
Seating: Park bench, two armchairs, couch
Age groups: all
Wheelchair users | baby carriages : help can be given over the small threshold
Blind visitors: Pictures of the exhibition can be described and the corresponding text can be read aloud.
General: contact persons and helpers are on site as organizers.

Disinfectants are available. There is no mask obligation.