New Fears
2.AUGUST 19:00
with : Performances by Berlin Stripper Collective with Josie, Trixie, Jade, Vivi
Bar: Tic Tac Hoe with Anna Ehrenstein, Farina Finke, Rebecca Korang and Sunny Pfalzer in support of “pIAR - perfocraZe International Artist Residency”, one of the only openly queer spaces in Kumasi, Ghana.
curation and space: July Weber
7-8pm: life drawing
9-10pm: performances, bar, tattoos: Sensi Sister, cakes: Steinkampf Flower Cakes
10pm - open: dj-set: Fifi x Abortion
New Fears
Schererstraße 5
13347 Berlin-Wedding

NEW FEARS is a gallery for dance and performance, offering emerging young artists at the intersection of choreography and visual arts a platform to work, experiment and present their work. A strong focus is on the social aspect and community building within the framework of artistic activities. July Weber has been running the project space since early 2021, has a background in sculpture and choreography and renovated the former retail store during the pandemic. It is a particular concern of them that in the initiated projects often very different approaches, disciplines and also generations meet. Thereby encounters should not be forced, but can arise through sharing the conceptual framework and the space.

Crush is a performative supermarket where various services are offered for a donation. These performative offerings revolve around the theme of desire and the unattainable. Visitors can move freely in the market, choose from the offers, hang out and enjoy drinks and other delicacies at the bar. The supermarket starts in the early evening, lasts into the night and from 9pm there is dance music in the basement. 

*All the profit of the bar will be donated to the pIAR fundraiser 

In support of “pIAR - perfocraZe International Artist Residency”, Tic Tac Hoe will be serving delicious cocktails. pIAR is one of the only openly queer spaces in Kumasi, Ghana. The Ghanian government discusses a law that would make it even illegal to rent a home to a member of the LGBTQIA+ community. To keep the home for local and international artists a refuge and vital space, we rase money to buy a house, to exist despite Homophobic laws.

Notes on accessibility and infection control

Seating : few chairs
Age groups : for all, if nudity is not a problem
Wheelchair users | strollers : The gallery is at ground level and there is only a small step that we should overcome together with wheelchairs and strollers

Disinfectant is available. There is no obligation to wear masks.