Xanadu x Berlin
1.AUGUST 18:00 - 00:00
Filmprogramm präsentiert von Xanadu, 6x6 Project, Anorak und Videoart at Midnight & Gespräche.18:00 Anorak mit : Chantal Akerman, Eduardo Williams, James Richards
19:30 6 x 6 Project mit : Clara Helbig, collectif_fact, Jennifer Martin, Sasha Litvintseva & Beny Wagner
21:00 Xanadu mit Janaye Brown
22:30 Videoart at Midnight mit : Katarina Zdjelar, Mathieu Kleyebe Abonnenc and Pauline Boudry / Renate Lorenz
Altenbraker Straße 18
12053 Berlin-Neukölln

Xanadu is located in the front half of the former Horse & Pony exhibition space near Körnerpark in Neukölln (Horse &  Pony will continue its programming in the basement of the current space). Xanadu is run by carrick bell, who is one half of the team behind Horse & Pony. Xanadu is intended as a space dedicated to consistent presentations of artists'  moving image work. The program has two primary tracks: on the one hand, outside programmers and artists are invited to present programmed screenings on specific themes, formats, artistic movements, etc. On the other, they are presenting monographic screenings of individual artists's works, alongside programmed screenings that contextualize that artist's practice.

For Xanadu x Berlin, we've invited several other Berlin-based platforms to present moving image programs that represent their own distinctive approaches to the problems and opportunities posed by attempts to present the medium outside of standard institutionalized contexts. As a relatively new space, Xanadu is using the Project Space Festival as a chance to gather together some (but of course not all) of the other independent and artist-run moving image initiatives in Berlin, both to foster dialogue between us and to present the Project Space Festival audiences with a sampling of our various approaches to thinking about artists' moving image work.

Notes on accessibility and infection control:

Seating : There are three large (3.5m wide) benches as well as folding chairs.
Some videos cover topics with an age rating of 16.
Several (but not all) videos have subtitles. There are no videos with open/closed captions.
Discussions are in English.
Flashes are announced before each screening (for example, "In the 3rd minute of the second film, there is a flicker effect that lasts x-second).
Wheelchair / buggy accessibility: The room is on the first floor, but has a 20 cm high step from the street. The entrance door is 90 wide. At the front of the room there is a recess with a 10 cm high step 1 meter from the entrance door. There is a slope (10 cm height over 25 cm) up to the second room, which must be entered to reach the bathroom. The WC door is 50 cm wide and there are no grab bars in the WC.

We kindly ask you to respect the mask requirement during the event.
Disinfectants are available.