On Hiding
19.AUGUST 21:00
with: Georg Thanner, Natalia Gurova, Anastasiya Levchuk, Felix Krapp
initiated by : Scherben & Felix Krapp-Raczek
Billard Café
Leipziger Str. 58
10117 Berlin-Mitte

Scherben is an artist-run project space located at Leipziger Straße 61 in Berlin. Founded in August 2021, the program focuses on showcasing young international artists. Scherben was born out of a desire to create a sensory experience through to initiate a sensual confrontation with the present through collective work.

Tischgruppe wandert is an ongoing series of conversation rounds that iterate in different forms and with different guests. The conversations are recorded and screened before the next conversation. In this way, the topics constantly evolve while maintaining the reference to the starting point. From the memory of a particular exhibition, to the discussion of the Moscow Conceptualists and their concept of blurring the boundary between private and public space, Tischgruppe wandert aims to negotiate the production and reception of art in their performative encounters.

To elaborate on this point in the next installment, Tischgruppe wandert has chosen the "Billiard Café" on Leipziger Straße, a public space that invites its customers to take temporary possession of one of its tables. The participating artist are Felix Krapp, Georg Thanner und Natalia Gurova. We invited art historian Anastasia Levchuk to discuss Russian and Ukrainian conceptual art with her, as well as her billiards skills.

Notes on Accessibility and Infection Control :

Seating : The event will be held at the Billiard Cafe on Leipziger Str. A few, but not so many seats will be available.
Age groups :
Suitable for all ages, minors accompanied by adults.
Language :
Wheelchair users | strollers :
The bar is on the 1st floor and only accessible by stairs.

Disinfectants are not available. There is no mask requirement.
Mask requirement may change depending on the regulations in force in bars and pubs.