Falling, fleeing, flailing, soaring, succeeding, failing
18.AUGUST 19:00 - 22:00
with: Shira Wachsmann, Michelle Lai, Nina Katchadourian, Estelle Hoy
coordinated by: April Gertler & Adrian Schiesser
Stuttgarter Str. 56
12059 Berlin-Neukölln

The project space, WIRWIR, started in Summer 2021 by Adrian Schiesser and April Gertler, is located in former shop premises at Stuttgarter Str. 56, 12059 Berlin-Neukölln. The name WIRWIR, connects to the history of the 49m2 space. Amongst its many iterations of use, it was once a brothel catering specifically to Turkish clientele. The word vır vır means brothel in Turkish street slang and by changing a few letters, but not the pronunciation, the name WIRWIR, meaning we we, was born. The focus of the space is community facing events which activate and engage the immediate neighbours in dialoguing about the trajectory of the neighbourhood alongside the engagement with voices who work in the arts. The concept of WIRWIR was and continues to be developed by Adrian Schiesser and April Gertler. Over the years they have recognised a need to experiment with varying formats for artistic presentation and creation and in doing so, create multiple access points. 

Falling, fleeing, flailing, soaring, succeeding, failing at WIRWIR includes a total of 2 hours of video clips ranging from a few seconds to fifteen minutes, selected by four different cultural producers; Estelle Hoy, Nina Katchadourian, Michelle Lai and Shira Wachsmann. The clips do not include their art work but are rather inspirational/funny/profound/disturbing or just plain weird. Each half hour section of clips reflects their interests at the moment. While viewing the juxtapositions of the clips, the viewer is impacted by the jarring nature of the extreme diversity of realities which coexist.