Medium P
17.AUGUST 16:00 - 22:00
with: Maria Cozma & Nik Geene / Andrew Wagner &  Sebastjan Brank
Medium P
Oranienstraße 173
10999 Berlin-Kreuzberg

Medium P is an exhibition space that made its start in 2019 in Frankfurt am Main. The off-space was a replica of the Portikus Kunsthalle, made for an exhibition at the museum. The scaled-down copy of the established institution was then transformed by Antonia Lia Orsi into its own autonomous exhibition space, placed directly in the parking lot of the Städelschule. Since 2021, Medium P has become a wandering exhibition space, which first took up another social dispositif with projects such as the Medium P Community Pond ( an exhibition in a self-built pond) in Frankfurt am Main - and in turn created a new template for encounters. In December 2021, Medium P opened its new location in Berlin Kreuzberg with the exhibition "Soul-Mating Fatigue" by Zoë Field. The location is a kind of historical utopia: an affordable,120 square meter rental apartment on two levels in the center of Kreuzberg. With the choice of this location, Medium P playfully poses the question of the institutional and the social. The off-space humorously plays with the question of (self-)institutionalization. Its slogan is: Medium P. An Honest Institution.

Medium P presents an exhibition in two parts: 

Upstairs, Nik Geene's expansive paper installations are united with Maria Cozma's acetone prints. Nik Geene's ceiling-high paper objects (in the style of collapsible paper lampshades) must be entered to reveal Maria Cozma's work through cracks in the walls: A photo print attached directly to the wall using a rubbing technique. Here, the questioning of one's own perception becomes the connecting element of the two positions, in that the wall works appear disjointed in a similar way that one's own body appears to the perceiving subject: as a conglomerate of unconnected limbs, in which only the (seeing) head remains invisible (to itself). 
On the lower floor of Medium P, an installation by the artists Andrew Wagner and Sebastjan Brank can be seen: They deal with objects between art and design, influenced by language art and literature.

Photo Credit: Medium P