CCCCCOMA Commercials. I came in here for a special offer
11.AUGUST 19:30
with: Heiner Franzen, Kerstin Honeit, Artor Jesus Inkerö, Francis Kussatz, Bjørn Melhus, Vitalii Shupliak 
curated by: Linda Peitz
19:30 Opening (Before the opening the video works can be viewed all day in every location.)
20:00 Performance by Francis Kussatz
 Videoscreen locations:
1) Spätkauf, Kantstraße 123, 10625 Berlin - Charlottenburg (meeting point opening)
2) The City Kiosk, Hauptstraße 160 in Schöneberg
3) The Market, Torstraße 139 in Mitte
4) 9 to 6 Drinkshop, Köpenicker Straße 1 in Kreuzberg
5) Spätkauf 178, Hermannstraße 178 in Neukölln

CCCCCOMA e.V. was initiated by Linda Peitz and since the beginning of 2020 its members have been developing mostly nomadic exhibition formats that deal with the (im)possibilities of communication in our time. Based on a discrepancy between global networking and the increasing loneliness of the individual in the urban jungle, CCCCCOMA seeks moments of direct communication and intimate exchange.

To this end, the collective intervenes primarily in places unconnected to art in order to develop and implement projects together with local actors and invited artists. 

The ultimate goal is to bring together people from different fields, to break down fears of contact with contemporary art, and to establish a sustainable dialogue between already existing urban and social structures, artistic positions and the audience. 

For “CCCCCOMA Commercials. I came in here for a special offer" we invite artists to deal with the topics of individual visibility in public space and the impact of advertising and media on our daily interaction. For this purpose, video works will run on advertising displays at five different locations in the city - in late night shops, shop windows or in pedestrian zones. In the short-format clips corresponding to the advertising format, questions about consumer behavior, social utopias and economic interests in urban space, the attempt to include and exclude people or the negotiation of the visibility of (queer) bodies in public space are dealt with, among other things.

Notes on Accessibility and Infection Control

Seating : not everywhere, in front of some Spätis there are benches (e.g. in Neukölln and Kreuzberg)
Age groups : suitable for all ages
Languages : videos without sound, texts about the works in German and English, translations into other languages on request
Wheelchair users | Strollers : The sidewalks in front of the screens of the kiosks are wide.
Hearing impaired people : videos are without sound
Blind people : they can contact us and we will offer a personal tour with language descriptions of the surroundings and videos.
Further info : there are texts at the locations with further information about the video works and artists*.

There are no disinfectants available. There is no mask obligation.