Collecting stones from Hypnagogia
7.AUGUST 18:00 - 22:00
with: Ana Pascu, Yen Chun Lin
curated by: Rachel Monosov & CTG collective
Reuterstraße 7
12053 Berlin-Neukölln

Centrum is a contemporary art space in the Flughafenkiez district of Neukölln, Berlin. Formerly used as a retail store and brothel, Centrum’s exhibition space is not a white cube, but owes its specific character to its tiled floor composed of red ceramic and grey stone tiles, and from the large shop window looking out into the street. Centrum offers a platform for the discourses in and around contemporary art as well as the opportunity to meet artists through artist talks, lectures, and film screenings. As a project space, Centrum is aware of its role and responsibility in Neukölln‘s advancing gentrification processes. As many of its events and exhibitions so far have primarily attracted a specialist audience of international artists and creative workers, in the future it aims to increasingly develop formats that make Centrum more accessible and inviting to its immediate, diverse, and multicultural neighborhood. Centrum is run by Jorgina Stamogianni and Rachel Monosov.

She gave me half of the stone: ‘‘hold and listen to this, let’s drift back together.’’

Collecting stones from Hypnagogia is a durational installation that will be activated and transformed through two performance nights. The performance will start around dusk, the transitional time between day and night, and will be viewed and heard from outside of the gallery. Through experimenting with the hypnagogic state collectively, the artists wander between realities, between mental spaces, between bodies, between different states of consciousness, between dreamscapes, between sleeping and waking. Residues of their activity melt into the installation. Fragments of slippery memories crystallized in the material matter, waiting to be reactivated. The performance will end a few hours after the artists fall asleep, and the installation will slowly wake up by sunrise. During the daytime, the public is invited to enter the waking state of the work, where the fingerprints of the previous night will leave traces in the space of the video installation.

Notes on Accessibility and Infection Control:

Seating :
No seating available. You can view the event from outside or inside.
Ages groups :
Suitable for all ages.
Language :
Accessible for all languages.
Wheelchair users | strollers :
wheelchair and stroller accessible
Blind visitors :
There are sounds made by the artists to listen to.

Disinfectant is available. There is no mask obligation.