Food and Imagination
8.AUGUST 18:00
with: Arijit Bhattacharyya, Sujatro Ghosh, Rukaiya Karim, Pallavi Paul, Lea Maria Wittich
curated by: Övül O. Durmusoglu
Schwedenstr. 16
13357 Berlin-Wedding

The project space uqbar was opened in spring 2007 in Berlin-Wedding and emerged from the work in the non-profit association Uqbar - Gesellschaft für Repräsentationsforschung e.V., founded in 2004. The aim of the association is the promotion of contemporary art and culture, in particular the support of projects which are dedicated to the research, promotion and mediation of experimental, interdisciplinary artistic and cultural practice and its conditions in local and international contexts. The interdisciplinary project space regularly shows exhibitions of both international and Berlin-based artists and organizes events. From 2017 to 2012, the program was decided in the collective, which included Dorothee Bienert, Marina Sorbello, and initially Dortje Drechsel. From 2013 - 2020 Antje Weitzel was responsible for the program. She curated and organized the program, which is strongly designed for an intensive exchange with artists and curators.

The human relationship with food is a complex one. It is an agent of history and a cultural component. Our food habits not only determine our geographical and climatic conditions but also speak volumes about economic status, social contracts and religious customs. Though history dictates our relationship with what we eat, is there a possibility that we can imagine a newer relationship with food? The project “Food and Imagination” by Lea Maria Wittich, Pallavi Paul, Rukaiya Karim, Sujatro Ghosh and Arijit Bhattacharyya reimagines and speculates our relationship with food in past, present and future.

Notes on accessibility and infection control:

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20 folding chairs will be provided for the Lecture Performance.
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Suitable for all ages.
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(Whispered) translation can be requested.
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The space is at ground level / first floor and is barrier-free accessible.
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Video works are subtitled and can be turned up on request.
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There will be a lecture performance to listen to.

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