The Bling Ring Center
13.AUGUST 17:00
with: Olga Hohmann, Antonia Nannt
costume: Mina Bonakdar
curated by: Pola van den Hövel, Marlene A. Schenk, Laura Helena Wurth
5pm opening, 7pm performance
Ring Center 1
Frankfurter Allee 111
10247 Berlin-Friedrichshain

FKA (formerly known as) SIX is a project space in the Ring Center 1 shopping mall curated by Pola van den Hövel, Marlene A. Schenk and Laura Helena Wurth. 

The slow death of shopping malls and the closure of more and more stores due to various crises leads to the shift of consumption to the digital. But what can happen in a shopping mall when people no longer just shop there? 

Through artistic, aesthetic and documentary exhibitions, FKA SIX explores how the spatial potential of a shopping center can be harnessed at Ring Center 1. With each exhibition, the space itself will change in the process. By the end of the year, a total of seven positions on contemporary ruins will be on view. The goal of FKA SIX is to explore a sustainable approach to dying building structures, not in the future. But right now.

The author, performer and host Olga Hohmann, together with the sculptor Antonia Nannt, is developing a site-specific program for FKA SIX at Ringcenter 1, focusing on the shopping mall as a place of youthful longing and the site of a potential fulfillment of this longing. Youthful recklessness cast in concrete. 

On three evenings in August, Olga Hohmann will present anecdotal and essayistic texts in a metal installation by Antonia Nannt. Hohmann's texts deal with life, its pitfalls and wonders, and in this case will focus on the pitfalls of the mall. Nannt's sculptures she describes herself as a "difficult whole." She assembles materials, associations, and historical influences into layers that create mutual tension. In doing so, she often takes her cue from pre-existing architecture. In this case, that of Ringcenter 1. Thus, using different means, the two together tell a story about the special type of building of the shopping center.

Notes on Accessibility and Infection Control :

Seating : no seating available
Age Groups :
suitable from 16
Languages :
Wheelchair users | Strollers :
accessible at ground level
Hearing impaired people :
Microphones will be used.
Blind people :
There will be a Reading to listen to.

Disinfectants are available. There is no mask obligation.