Haus und Hof
25.AUGUST 15:00 - 19:00
with: Deniz Dogan, Till Kalischer, Nicole Messenlehner, Rainer Neumeier, Suzy van Zehlendorf
Cafe Finovo, Alter St. Matthäus Kirchhof
Großgörschenstraße 12-14
10829 Berlin-Schöneberg
& Flower Store next door

SCHNEEEULE presents exhibitions, film screenings and lectures in Berlin. The project space is run by Silke Nowak since 2016, it was founded in 2012 together with Matti Bergmann. Like the bird of the same name, the project space is flexible in its choice of location. The first events took place in a store in the Berlin Carré shopping center, near Alexanderplatz. After that, various spaces were played in different locations, including a garden, showcases at subway stations, a tailor's studio or a former solarium.

SCHNEEEULE organizes exhibitions and projects far away from the commercial exhibition business and art market logic. Diversity and access play an important role. Artists with different cultural backgrounds, from different generations, with or without disabilities exhibit together. Another concern of SCHNEEEULE is to make hidden and little noticed artistic positions, especially female artists, visible and to give them space for a public discussion. For example, Verena Pfisterer was invited, which led to increased attention to her position in the contemporary art context. In addition, photographs and films by Toni Sachs Pfeiffer or paintings and drawings by Verena Schirz-Jahn were exhibited.

The exhibition "House and Yard" takes place in the Café Finovo, as well as in the flower store next to it and on the terrace in front of it. The café is located in the old St. Matthäus Kirchhof in Berlin-Schöneberg, near the S-Bahn stop Yorckstraße (Großgörschenstraße). 

Café Finovo is a special place, it resembles a living room from a bygone era, filled with knickknacks and fripperies. Flower paintings decorate the walls and embroidery the tablecloths. The furniture is lovingly thrown together, no two cups are alike. The participating artists deal with a wide variety of themes and work with different materials. The artworks are presented with and between the furniture, objects, flowers and pictures. 

Inclusion and exclusion mechanisms in the art business have the most diverse reasons. Artists with disabilities often remain among themselves in exhibition contexts, and their works are rarely seen in established art institutions. In this exhibition, artists with and without disabilities exhibit together. Mechanisms of inclusion and exclusion also exist with regard to the audience. Many people experience barriers when entering museums or galleries. For example, high entrance fees or the fear of not knowing or mastering behavioral rules. Entering a café is easier. In this exhibition, not only people interested in art should feel welcome, but also everyone else.

Notes on Accessibility and Infection Control :

Seating :
Groups of tables and chairs outside and inside, a bench in front of the terrace.
Age groups :
Suitable for all ages.
Languages :
Texts in English and German
Other languages :
No language skills required for exhibition.
Wheelchair users | strollers :
Access to the café and terrace is at ground level. Access to the flower store: one step. Access to the upper floor is not possible with wheelchair.
Hard of hearing and deaf people :
exhibition accessible. The person can be accompanied if necessary.
Neurodiversity :
There is a sensitive approach and easy to understand language. In case of need for retreat, it is possible to sit on a bench in the cemetery.
Blind people :
The person can be accompanied through the exhibition. A conversation about the artworks is possible if needed.
Other announcements :
No flashes. Persons with disabilities are explicitly welcome, as artists* with disabilities are also involved in the exhibition.

Disinfectants are available. Masks are mandatory.