super bien!
26.AUGUST 19:00
with: Max Brück
curated by: Elisabeth Sonneck
super bien!
Schwedter Str. 232
10435 Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg

super bien! Berlin - Greenhouse for Contemporary Art shows site-specific installations in public space that are visible 24/7. With the fully transparent structure of the space, a permanent interaction and confrontation with fluctuating influences of the environment is thematized and implemented in a variety of ways in the super bien! projects. The dynamic dissolution of the boundaries of material space seeks integration instead of control and a sensitive, non-hierarchical perception of natural as well as artistic processes in social space: access to art is barrier-free for visitors in every respect. The Greenhouse for Contemporary Art is located on a former schoolyard site in Mitte, 250 meters south of Mauerpark. In the immediate vicinity of the greenhouse stands a striking linden tree. Its vegetal rhythm in the seasons significantly shapes the overall appearance of the installations in the transparent super bien! greenhouse. The courtyard around super bien! is repeatedly included in site-specific conceptions and performances. This includes the two (formerly three) historic flagpoles that flanked the daily schoolyard roll calls during the GDR era. As a significant aspect of the site, its history is activated and transformed. The non-commercial project space was founded in 2006 and is currently directed by the artist Elisabeth Sonneck.

Four exhaust pipes pierce the roof elements of the exhibition space. In the center of the room is a compact blower with forward and reverse operation and timer. The running time and direction of the blower is adjusted to the room volume of the super bien! Greenhouse and the transport volume of the blower. Thus, a fictitious time can be determined at which the room is completely filled with fresh air or the air between inside and outside is completely exchanged. Assuming the volume of the room as an unchangeable limitation, the ventilation breaks through the boundary of the room between inside and outside. 

For 2022, Max Brück received a travel grant from the Hessische Kulturstiftung. His destination: the coal mining areas in Upper Silesia around Katowice in Poland: For decades, the region produced the heating energy for an entire country. Heat, work, and the process of heating not only shape the landscape to this day, but also created a collective memory. In 2022, this is facing a massive change: climate agreements and the limitation of fossil fuels demand a radical closure of the mines.

The installation Abluft transforms this theme and the research conducted during Max Brück's stays in Poland into a performative event for the opening. Abluft is the 6th project in this year's superbien! exhibition series Related To Transition.

Image: Max Brueck